Combine Headers Claas

This page contains information about Class combine headers available in our stock at this moment. Here you can look through high-quality CLASS headers for sale in the United Kingdom.

We know, that most of our clients pointedly visit our dealership, realizing what they are looking for. However, changes all around us, the agricultural business develops and we as an experienced team want to help our customers, who just start their agricultural business, to get theirs’ heads round agricultural machinery.

Combine harvesters are complete with detachable headers, customized for particular crops. The selection of the right type of combine header is as critical as choosing the right combine harvester. It’s highly important to understand, which type of a combine header you need, as this affects the process of harvesting (it can go smoothly or not), you might be eventually having more corn harvest and resulting in a bigger profit.

If you only get into what complex farming machinery is about, then it might be quite helpful to you to find out more about used CLASS headers. All standard CLASS cutterbars are fitted with well-tested and trusted rigid cutterbar table. But with that particular one CLASS has extended its standard range. The relevant model range is based on VARIO 930 to 500 cutterbars, which is a sound option for grain harvesting. Let’s overview VARIO key benefits:

  • Inbuilt rapeseed plates continuous regulation within the general range of 700mm for grain and rapeseed;
  • 600mm receiving auger for preferable crop flow;
  • The quick-release mounting system gives the possibility to remove/fit grain dividers or rapeseed knives, without using any tools.

There are many other interesting and helpful features, which will take your interest in. Our sales managers will turn you in more information about used CLASS headers in general, and they also will specify all the particularities about a specific header model that you have interest in.

We want to draw your attention to our price policy. There is the fairest price for CLASS headers for sale in the United Kingdom at the website, as we primarily make direct sales with no middlemen in between.

Looking forward to new customer. Search through relevant offers, pick most suitable combine headers and make your vehicle reservation list right there.