Disc Harrows Amazone

Discing is an essential stage of soil preparation in farming. In general, the soil consists of all the necessary elements such as nutrients, organic matter, air, and water, which are required for plants growing, it also supports plants’ roots. If it has proper maintenance, it improves with time and yearly yields a good harvest.

Discing usually follows plowing. Let’s turn to the disc harrows benefits:

  • It enhances soil granulation;
  • Makes surface uniform;
  • It provokes weeds growth and extirpates already appeared weeds, which assists in incorporating crop residues into the soil.
  • It closes furrows;
  • It breaks down large lumps of puddled soil.

This page is devoted to Amazone disc harrows for sale in the United Kingdom. High output, relatively low fuel consumption, and low-level wear and tear are strong points of Catros disc harrows from Amazone. Used Amazone disc harrows are suitable for quick and intensive stubble tillage. One of Amazone disc harrows specs is that these harrows work without blockages even on the soils, where the level of straw is high. The range of used Amazone disc harrows includes:

  • Mounted models from 3m to 6m;
  • Trailed models from 3m to 12m;
  • Discs for shallow and very shallow operation;
  • Stone safety protection;
  • Optional hydraulic depth adjustment.

Our sales manager will give a more extensive description of Amazone disc harrows, telling you about prices and advanced in-depth technical specifications. Browse through Amazone disc harrows for sale in the United Kingdom and find soil tillage equipment, which meets your demands.

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