Disc Harrows Kverneland

If you are not new to combine harvesting, then you are familiar with Kverneland Disc harrows. In case you are new to agricultural machinery, then it will be interesting for you find out what disc harrows apply for. A disc harrow is a harrow, which cuts soil using a row of concave metal discs. In the agricultural industry, harrowing is an essential method for soil preparation. Many farmers and grain-growers invest lots of money in high-quality harrow equipment. Since it not always reasonable to spend on new equipment huge amounts of money, we offer you to consider the option of buying used Kverneland Disc harrows for sharp price by means of Edwards Farm Machinery. For more than a decade our offering accounts for Kverneland Disc harrows for sale in the United Kingdom. This allows us to supply customers with the best used Kverneland Disc harrows available in the secondhand market.

Kverneland has a many-year experience in the production of disc harrows, capable of working in various conditions. Kverneland is concerned about its customers and it sets sights on making high-quality harrows with minimum maintenance costs.

There are many disc harrow types. Accoring to operating mode, there are the following disc harrows:

  • Double action disc harrow;
  • Double action disc harrow;
  • Offset disc harrow.
  • Besiders, disc harrows can be classified by disc diameter:

  • Light disc harrow;
  • Middle disc harrow;
  • Heavy disc harrow.
  • We hope these little notes kindle your interest to the offered Kverneland Disc harrows for sale in the United Kingdom. Our sales representatives will clarify if the relevant attachment is in stock, its prices and other features one might want to figure out.

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