Combine Headers Kemper

If you hope for profitable combine harvesting, you need to start with the choosing of a right header. You may work on undulating terrain or wide prairies. You may need to harvest grains, rapeseed, maize, soya, flax, beans, millet, or clover. There are following combine headers depending on the type of crop.

  • Grain headers;
  • Corn Headers;
  • Sunflower headers;
  • Pick-up headers;
  • Flex header and platform;
  • Draper headers;
  • Dummy heads;
  • Auger header and platform.

Nevertheless, there are situations, when you can’t be sure what an exact combine header is needed. In this case, our sales department will help you to clarify all the things, they also will help to choose a used Kemper header at an acceptable price.

On this page, you can overview Kemper header for sale available in our stock. It’s also worth noting our inventory is continiously updating. Every day we make efforts to enter into new business relationships, which means, that you can trust us and we will get for you the desired attachment at a reasonable price.

Let’s do some overview of proposed used Kemper headers. By fitting a Kemper header, you will improve your combine harvesting potential. For example, 300plus series headers cut rapidly and intensively, ensuring high rotation speed. It has 12 cutting rotors, which allows to harvest a wide range of crops. Kemper headers also make possible to work the land from any side, regardless of the row spacing.

So as you can see from this little note, Kemper headers are nice value for money. All issues exercising you can be reviewed with our managers.

We are looking for customers’ requests and hoping for further cooperation.