The Flip Screen is a revolutionary but simple screening and recycling attachment built for skid steers, excavators, wheel loaders and backhoes. The Flip Screen is ideal for any type of recycling, washing or recovery process where materials must be separated and screened to different sizes, making it ideal for industries such as building and construction, civil works, demolition, landscaping, mining, quarrying, waste transfer and steel recycling to name a few.

The Flip Screen's portable and compact design enables it to be taken to almost any site to efficiently and inexpensively recycle materials in an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY way allowing:

The Flip Screen technology is based on a smooth 360 degree rotating action around a horizontal axis, where upon rotation all smaller sized materials filter out through the mesh screen. Larger materials are trapped inside by the inward spiralling action. Rotating the unit in the reverse direction allows the larger materials to be tipped out

There are currently many different Flip Screen models for a wide range of prime movers from skid steers to 35 ton excavators with new models being developed as we speak. The Flip Screen has many competitive advantages including: